Proven Periodontal Disease Remedies at Home

Periodontal disease or ‘periodontitis’ is a chronic inflammatory disorder that adversely destroys the gum and bone holding teeth together, and for the record, it’s as a result of poor oral hygiene.

To identify and plan treatment, a dentist or perhaps a periodontist may need to examine the gum line for any underlying symptomatic signs like mouth plaque, and other escalated symptoms of gingivitis that by far affect the sulcus.

Eventually, if periodontal (advanced gingivitis) goes untreated for long, it becomes a threat to oral health and may potentially hurt the immune system, and invite diabetes among other cardiovascular diseases.

However, under your dentists’ oversight, identifying a suitable treatment should not be a hustle, and a prescription made to that effect.

But did you know there are self-made remedies together with other medications that can clear out periodontitis?

Home remedies are effective when used in the early stages to treat plaque before it turns to tartar. But before engaging any remedies, you may consider a few practices towards boosting your oral health.

  • Make it a routine to brush regularly, and twice a day is super recommendable, especially after meals which clears out food debris from the teeth thus cutting down the possibility of drawing out bacterial accumulation. However, using a toothbrush is just half the oral hygiene, so daily flossing completes the teeth health cycle,
  • Going for mouth brushes with extra soft longer bristles is a good practice in amid to clear in between teeth,
  • Observe your everyday diet, as sweets and pastries are not quite the helpful type, so consume them sparing or completely abstain from them,
  • Most oral conditions result from poor mouth hygiene. So, refraining from tobacco chewing and smoking is a plus towards oral health,
  • A toothbrush should be regularly replaced especially after every three months. While frequent tooth brushing is healthy, going for electric ones increases your brushing potential.

In conjunction with the above practices, incorporating home remedies for periodontitis is safe and should work effectively. Here are the finest from the remedy pot!

Salt Water Gargle Remedy

Salt is a natural disinfectant and using salty water frequently to gargle the mouth 15 seconds a day is extremely useful to heal inflamed gums over gingivitis.

Its anti-inflammatory properties may also introduce a soothing relief in the gums and ease up any pain, as well as keeping off foul breathe caused by accumulating bacteria.

As a precautionary, prolonged use of the salt water gargle may potentially have adverse effects due to its high percentage of sodium chloride. To benefit from this remedy, prepare a solution of;

  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon kosher salt to a tumbler glass full of Luke warm water,
  • Gargle the solution throughout your mouth for about 15 seconds twice a day, and be sure to spit it out.

Sometimes the saltwater panacea may work different for everybody. However, if its intended purpose runs futile, its high time to switch to other advanced remedies like mouth wash.

Although there are the over the counter recommended ones for gingivitis, trying the home-made ones may save you the time and resources.

Tea Tree Oil Mouth Wash

According to a 2014 report published in the journal of National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), TeaTree oil has massive potential to heal gum bleeding resulting from acute gingivitis.

The report further denotes, two approaches may be used to administer the remedy, and for first-timers, a dilute version is recommended.

Two drop parts of Tea Tree oil are added to a glass of warm water and swished across all comers of the mouth for 15 seconds before spitting the wash.

Alternatively, a combination of one drop of the oil on the toothpaste and then brushing vigorously for 15 seconds would be highly effective. Afterwards, rinse with cold water.

Steamy Sage Mouth Wash

In a different research, still on the same journal “NCB1”, suggests that sage mouth wash has the potential to clear out Streptococcus Mutans bacterial responsible for dental plaque.

Further in the study, researchers managed a record one-minute irritation-free mouth rinse with the concoction. For a quick fix of the blend, mix;

  • In a tumbler size cup of steamy hot water, drop dry sage and let it simmer for 5 minutes and sieve the residue out. Allow to cool down and swish three times a day.

Remember, any mouth wash should never be swallowed. As for the anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties present in sage may also be beneficial to swollen gums.

Despite the remedy of choice, it’s highly recommended to visit a dentist once in every three months for check-ups and assert your oral health.

If any arising infections, they should be noticed early, and proper treatment commenced. However, should these remedies fall short of expectation, or cause allergically related irritations, then it is to be stopped at once and kosher advice sought from a periodontist.

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