sad dog

Table of Contents How to Treat Dog Hair LossApple cider vinegarLemon juiceOlive oilCoconut oilOatmeal bath Extensive dog hair loss can simply be a reaction to the weather getting warmer or it could be a sign of some hidden health problem. First make sure to treat the primary issue properly. Then you’ll need only very simple […]

Shingles on hand

Table of Contents Shingles treatmentHow to Treat Shingles At HomeDietOatmeal bathManuka and clover honeyCold compressesReduce stress If you suspect you have got shingles, visit your doctor as soon as possible for a proper shingles treatment. The sooner you start the therapy, the better chance you have to avoid the postherpetic neuralgia as a complication. Shingles […]

cat and dog

Table of Contents Mange treatment5 All-Natural Additions to the Mange TreatmentApple cider vinegarNeem oilGarlic and lemonHoneyYogurt Suspect your pet could have mange? Don’t panic! The situation is usually not as bad as it seems and there are plenty of mange treatments and safety measures you can take, to help your pet quickly recover. Mange is […]